Black-Footed Ferrets

Black-Footed Ferrets are also known as American Polecats and have been considered extinct in 1979. But they have made an incredible recovery in the last 30 years and are off the “extinct” list and back on the “endangered” list. More than that, the first successful clone of an endangered species was introduced to the public … Read more

What do Striped White Ferrets Look Like?

Striped White Ferret

Striped White Ferrets are quite unique among ferrets. They have a white coat and a dark-colored line that goes from their back to their tail. You also don’t have to worry about their health issues as they don’t suffer from any lack of pigmentation. These ferrets are simply white or a creamy color. There are … Read more

What do Regular Sable Ferrets Look Like?

Sable Ferret Polecat

Regular Sable Ferrets are the most common coats found on ferrets and they typically have a brown topcoat with a golden undercoat. This simple combination makes them some of the best-looking ferrets. Every single ferret has its own personality, but other than that they’re very similar to each other. They are also known for their … Read more

What do Pewter (Heavy Silver) Ferrets Look Like?

Pewter Ferrets

Pewter Ferrets are easily some of the most beautiful little creatures in the world. They are also named Heavy Silver because of how many grey hairs are carefully placed all over their coat. Their faces are also incredibly beautiful as well. Their looks make them some of the most searched-after ferrets in the world. However, … Read more

What do Panda Ferrets Look Like?

Panda Ferret

Panda Ferrets get their name from having some slight similarities in the way their coats are colored. You shouldn’t expect its coat to look exactly like the one of a panda bear. The resemblance is very subtle but the ferret has the same adorable face that makes you fall in love with his mischievous personality … Read more

What do Dark-eyed White Ferrets (DEW) Ferrets Look Like?

Dark-eyed White Ferrets

Dark-Eyed White Ferrets (DEW) are the recommended ferrets if you love the albino ones. They look just as white but they are much healthier than them. They’re also a great choice if you’re the type of person that finds red eyes very unsettling. Many people confuse Dark-Eyed White Ferrets with albinos because they’re both white. … Read more

What do Dalmatian Ferrets Look Like?

Dalmatian Ferret

Dalmatian Ferrets look a lot like the popular dog breed but they can be pretty rare in some parts of the world. Generally, they’re white with black spots on their body. However, the black spots vary a lot from ferret to ferret as they’re usually grouped in various parts of the body. This includes the … Read more

What do Champagne Ferrets Look Like?

Champagne Ferret

Champagne Ferrets are among the more light-colored ferrets and they’re a delight to have as pets. They still have a brown color but it’s a lot lighter than other ferrets. This is why many ferret owners will call this a diluted chocolate shade. They’re not different at all than other ferrets, except for the way … Read more

What do Siamese Ferrets Look Like?

Champagne Ferret

Ferrets are quickly becoming more and more popular as pets all over the world and it doesn’t take much to realize why. They can be very friendly, sweet, and extremely mischievous. They also come in lots and lots of colors and with even more color patterns. One of the most popular types of ferret is … Read more

What do Chocolate Ferrets Look Like?

Chocolate Ferret

Chocolate Ferrets are some of the most common ferrets in the world and are extremely easy to find. They get their name because of their dark brownish color that resembles chocolate a lot. They make excellent pets and can be the sweetest companions you’ve ever had. Those ferrets come with various personalities and it’s very … Read more