What do Pewter (Heavy Silver) Ferrets Look Like?

Pewter Ferrets are easily some of the most beautiful little creatures in the world. They are also named Heavy Silver because of how many grey hairs are carefully placed all over their coat. Their faces are also incredibly beautiful as well.

Their looks make them some of the most searched-after ferrets in the world. However, they are actually quite rare and can be almost as hard to find as a cinnamon ferrets. But you don’t have to worry about taking care of them as they’re the same as other ferrets, except that it looks a lot better.

Pewter Ferrets
Pewter Ferrets

What do Pewter (Heavy Silver) Ferrets Look Like?

Pewter Ferrets are quite rare and they can impress lots of people with their looks. Most of their coat is grey but there are also black hairs here and there. Some of them have an overall lighter tone while others are slightly darker, making them even more beautiful.

They also have a mask around their eyes that’s not very black, in fact, it’s a light grey that gets darker as the mask goes down their face and to the back. The legs and tail of a Pewter ferret tend to be a lot darker, which contrasts beautifully with their white neck and chest.

Another extremely adorable thing about them is their mitts that are colored differently than the rest of the legs, The mitts match the neck more than the rest of the legs and make them look like they have four small mittens.

The nose of the Pewter Ferret is always pink but it can look different from ferret to ferret. Some noses will have a darker line around them, while others have black spots right on their surface. Their bubbly personality along with their adorable look makes them some of the best pet companions in the world.

If you prefer darker ferrets, you can find ferrets with coats that are black, black sable, and chocolate. And if you’d like lighter ferrets, there are albino, champagne, cinnamon, dark-eyed white, and blaze.

Grooming Ferret Coats – Brushing and Bathing

Ferrets that haven’t been neutered, tend to smell very bad. It’s why most owners take their ferrets to the vet for neutering and the removal of their anal glands. This quickly gets rid of most of that musky smell and gives you a much better chance at keeping your ferret smelling fresh.

Bathing your ferret once a month is acceptable if it still smells very bad. But it’s highly recommended to only bathe them once in a two months period. Any more often than that can do more harm than good. This is because the ferret’s glands will release even more oil into the skin, which will accentuate the smell for a few days.

The bathing process needs to be short but with a lot of rinsing. And while grooming your ferret needs to start as soon as you get it, bathing them needs to be left for later. If your ferret doesn’t trust you yet, it could get very aggressive when you’re trying to place them in the bathtub.

Besides the fact that some ferrets just absolutely hate water, another reason why they tend to hate baths is that you don’t get the temperature of the water right. You might make the mistake of preparing the bath similar to a baby or dog’s bath. Meaning that if the water is warm to your elbow it’s ready.

This is a very big mistake simply because ferrets have a body temperature of 102F degrees. What feels warm to you might feel cold to the ferret, making it very uncomfortable during the bath. The water should be warm, not just lukewarm.

After the bath, you can leave the ferret on a few towels to try itself by rolling and tossing around. Once the ferret has experienced a few good baths, he will start looking forward to it and you won’t have so much work to do just to get the pet in the water.

When it comes to brushing, a simple ferret brush with short bristles is more than enough for what they need. You’ll have to learn to brush them properly in less than five minutes as well since they’re very impatient creatures.

Typically, once a week is enough brushing for a ferret. But when the shedding season comes, you might want to start brushing it up to three times a week.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Heavy Silver Ferrets difficult to care for?

Heavy Silver Ferrets are very easy to maintain as these creatures hate feeling dirty and they tend to continuously wash. You only need to groom him for about an hour a week.