What do Panda Ferrets Look Like?

Panda Ferrets get their name from having some slight similarities in the way their coats are colored. You shouldn’t expect its coat to look exactly like the one of a panda bear. The resemblance is very subtle but the ferret has the same adorable face that makes you fall in love with his mischievous personality from the start.

Panda Ferret
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Sadly, they are also among the most unhealthy ferrets on the market. This is because of the Waardenburg Syndrome that causes around 75% of them to be deaf. This also makes them more unhealthy even than the albino ferrets that are known for their unhealthy bodies.

Besides the way that it’s colored and health issues, there is no difference between these ferrets and other ones.

What do Panda Ferrets Look Like?

The adorable Panda Ferrets are sadly more and more common in captivity and most of them are born deaf. This is not because of the breeders as these ferrets exist in the wild as well, but they get killed before they even reach adulthood because they can’t hear the predator coming.

These ferrets have dark circles around the eyes, a white bib underneath, and the exact same color keeps trailing from the head to its shoulders. You should also expect the tip of the tail to have the same color as well. They can be very good pets despite their deafness, you just have to make sure you’ll never sneak up on them as their heart can’t take too many jump scares.

Another extremely adorable thing about these ferrets, and another reason why they got their name is that their four mitts are of a different color than the rest of the legs. This makes them look like they have tiny mittens on and they’re very adorable.

Waardenburg Syndrome is a very rare genetic condition that causes hearing loss. It can cause only partial hearing loss but the condition can get worse as the ferret gets older. This condition can be found in other animals as well, including dogs, minks cattle, mice, and golden hamsters. Humans can have it as well.

Grooming Ferret Coats – Brushing and Bathing

Bathing a ferret should only be done a maximum once a month and you always should use a ferret shampoo. It’s specifically formulated an pH-balanced for their sensitive skin. But if you don’t have any chance of getting one, a soft shampoo made for kittens or earless baby shampoo can replace it for a while.

Ferrets have a higher body temperature than us so you need to make sure the water is warmer than when you’re bathing your dog. Otherwise, the ferret will start to get chilly the moment you get them in the water. You should also make sure the water level is not too high so the ferret can stand with its head above the water at all times.

You can find bath rubber mats in various online stores and even at your local supermarket. Get a good one and use it at the bottom of the bathtub so your ferret won’t slip during the bath. After you’ve washed its whole body with shampoo, use a lot of fresh warm water to rinse everything out.

If you notice anything weird during the bath, you should call your vet. This includes if the ears start leaking wax that’s of a darker color or if the eyes start getting red after you accidentally got some shampoo in their eyes.

Brown or dark-colored wax is a clear sign of ear problems and your ferret can go deaf if the problem remains untreated. Your ferret might have ear mites or some other bacterial infection. This is why keeping its ears clean and dry is a must.

Brushing is a lot less work and more straightforward. All you need is a ferret brush and all the patience you can find. Convincing an energy fur ball to stay still so you can brush it properly will be almost impossible at first.

However, with enough treats and sweet words, you might be able to brush a ferret in under 5 minutes. You will have a hard time being so quick at first, but you’ll get used to it very fast.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the most common types of ferret coats?

You can find ferrets with coats that are Black, Champagne, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blaze, Black Sable, Albino, and Dark-Eyed White. Albinos are available anywhere and if you want a rare one, you should look for a cinnamon-colored ferret.

Are Panda Ferrets difficult to care for?

Panda Ferrets are a bit time-consuming to take care of as you need to continuously make sure their ears are clean and healthy. However, everything lasts a very short period of time, including grooming and bathing.