Ferret Dust Bath. What Is It And Is It Good For A Ferret?

Buffalo Bison taking a dust bath

Keeping your ferret clean is one of the tasks that you should expect, as an answer of this type of pet. While cleaning a ferret regularly is recommended, though not too often, giving them dust baths is not a good idea. The practice of the dust bath has its roots in the behavior of certain … Read more

Do Ferrets Turn White in Winter?

Ferret in snow at winter time

If you’re the owner of a ferret, and you’re noticing changes in its coat color, then you will learn below all the reasons why that might happen. And yes, some ferrets do turn white during the winter season, or to be more precise they will do it in preparation for it, as they’re shedding during … Read more

Cutting Ferrets Nails vs Declawing – Which One Is Better?

Nail Trimming For Ferrets

Ferrets are known to love burrowing and scratching, which can cause a bit of a problem for owners that own lots of nice things. But with grooming and a bit of training, you can easily turn that behavior around and the ferret will find other ways to entertain itself. Part of the reality of owning … Read more

Do Ferrets Smell? And Does Bathing Help?

Ferret indoors

Ferrets are some of the sweetest pets you can have and they’re also extremely intelligent. You won’t ever have a boring day with a few ferrets in your home. But despite being excellent pets, some people avoid getting them simply because of how much they hear that these creatures stink. And while ferrets will always … Read more

Grooming Ferrets – How, When, How Often + Tips & Tricks

Grooming Ferrets

Ferrets need grooming as much as any other pet. It might be exactly the same process but they still need a little bit of attention every week to remain healthy and happy. This includes brushing the coat, brushing the teeth, nail clipping, sometimes even a bath. As long as you get your ferret used to … Read more