Do Ferrets Eat Their Own Poop?

Ferret pooping

If you’re a pet owner, it’s likely that at some point you might’ve seen your furry buddy pick up a disgusting habit, that of poop eating. Does that happen with ferrets as well? Yes, it does, but it’s something that has a cause usually, and you can fix it by changing their diet. The habbit … Read more

Ferrets and Sleep – Things You Should Know

Ferret toy

Ferrets can sleep up to 18 hours per day and this is perfectly normal for them. They are active for a very short period of time at dusk and dawn, which is why their bodies had to adapt to this schedule. When they are awake, they consume a lot of energy and their sleep is … Read more

Ferret bathing – How To and How Often

Dark-eyed White Ferrets

Ferrets and bathing don’t mix up too well, especially if your pet hates water. In general, ferrets love water but this doesn’t mean that they should spend a lot of time bathing. This is also why you should be careful with bathing and you should only do it when you absolutely have to. Otherwise, a … Read more