What do Blaze Ferrets Look Like?

Blaze Ferret

Blaze Ferrets are easily some of the most adorable-looking ferrets in the world. They have lighter faces and very well-shaped eyes that make you immediately fall in love with them. They’re not rare so you will be able to get them fairly easily. You will notice a white stripe of fur that starts on their … Read more

What do Black Sable Ferrets Look Like?

Black Sable Ferret

Black Sable Ferrets can be considered rare as many breeders only consider a small portion of them being “true” Black Sable Ferrets. They are known to have black as the predominant color while the undercoat and face are much lighter. You should get ready to pay anywhere between $75 and $250, depending on how “pure” … Read more

What do Angora Ferrets Look Like?

Angora Ferret

Angora Ferrets are the newest type of ferrets as they have only been around for about 25 years. They were first noted by a Swedish breeder. And when he sold his stock to a fur farm, the Angora that we know today was born. This makes them some of the rarest ferrets in the world. … Read more

What do Albino Ferrets Look Like?

Albino ferret

Albino Ferrets are the easiest to stand out anywhere you are. They have all-white fur, which is only possible because of albinism. This means that they are not capable of producing any pigments, which is a genetic trait. Pure Albino Ferrets always have red eyes. This is because of the lack of pigmentation in the … Read more

What Do Cinnamon Ferrets Look Like?

Cinnamon Ferret

Cinnamon ferrets are some of the rarest kinds of ferrets. They get their name after the color of their fur which resembles the spice. Typically, their legs can be of a darker color than the rest of their bodies. They also have a pink nose with an orange outline. These ferrets can be pretty pricey … Read more