How Much Does a Ferret Cost

Ferrets are very common these days as they become more and more popular as pets all over the world. This helped to make them a lot more affordable and now you can find ferrets that are as cheap as $50. But some rarer ferrets can cost up to $250. Older ferrets also tend to be a bit more affordable as they are much harder to train than kits (baby ferrets).

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In this article, we’ll talk about how much does it cost to buy and maintain a ferret as a pet.

How Much Does a Ferret Cost?

The price of a ferret depends on what kind of ferret it is. The most affordable ferrets are the albino ferrets, which usually costs between $50 and $130. But this is because albino ferrets usually come with their own bag of health issues. They will need more vet checkups and you will have to be very careful with them. In the wilderness, albinos don’t make it past the 1-year mark as they are easy to spot by predators.

But don’t confuse albino ferrets with dark-eyed white ferrets. Albinos lack any pigmentation in their coats and even in their eyes. This makes their eyes red, which is also a reason why they are more affordable as some people find them scary, especially if they’re getting them for a child. On the other hand, black-eyed ferrets have a nice, white coat but black, marble eyes. They are usually around $150

Sable mixes are also quite affordable as they’re rarely more expensive than $150. Another thing that can drive the price up is the age of the ferret. This is because the older the ferret, the harder it is to train. Baby ferrets are in much higher demand. Older ferrets are typically avoided, especially if they are rescued from an abusive home as they tend to be very scared and aggressive.

There are also fancy-looking ferrets, such as the beautiful Angora, that look amazing, have great coats, and can be very expensive. You should expect to pay around $250, especially for white, dark-eyed, Angoras. But if you’re adopting a ferret, it’s usually free or you have to pay the adoption fee, which is less than $15.

Where Can You Purchase a Ferret From? Stores & Breeders

You have three choices when it comes to getting a ferret. The first, and most affordable, one is to adopt a ferret. To do this, you’ll need to look for a rescue center or someone that tries to rehome their ferret for different acceptable reasons (allergies, lack of free time, etc). Ask as many background questions as you can and try to get the ferret’s health history if you can. But the chances of that happening are very slim.

Another option is to go to an exotic pet store. You should be able to find a ferret there, and some stores can actually order one for you from their secluded centers. They’re not usually very pricey if bought in-store and you should be able to get some advice on what accessories to get right on the spot. It’s much better to get the cage and everything the pet will need, before getting the actual pet.

If you have the money, the best place to purchase a ferret from is a private breeder. These people are experts that only use the healthiest ferrets for breeding to reduce as many of the health risks as possible. More than that, a breeder will be capable of giving you all the family history you need. With the ferret’s medical history, a good vet can predict or prevent lots of health issues.

What Are The Initial Costs of Owning a Ferret?

The average price of a ferret is $100, a good cage is around $110, $34 for cage accessories, $15 for the bedding, $15 on dry food, and $200 in veterinary fees. This means you should be ready to throw away around $474 from the start. It’s also best to get some proper toys that are not easy to destroy, which is something you should think about every time you want to buy your pet something. They’re masters of destruction and need durable things.

Until your ferret gets used to its new home, you should also start ferret-proofing a room as best as possible. This room should be used for playtime, which can get very destructive and competitive. Don’t leave anything easy to break inside this room and make sure the carpets and furniture are old. Ferrets love chewing and ruining carpets is their big passion.

Any other original cost depends 100% on how much you’re willing to spend on other things. This includes tubes for their burrowing games, squeaky toys for training, a leash, etc. Each product comes at a very wide range of prices and you should be able to find what you need as affordable as possible.

Along with the first cage, you should also invest in a smaller cage that can help you take the pet to the vet as fast as possible. And since training should starts as soon as possible, getting a separate cage for time-outs is the right thing to do.

What Are The Yearly Expenses Like (Ongoing)

Neutering is very important so you should expect to pay between $150 to $300 for the surgery and you should also keep in mind that females are typically more expensive to operate on. When it comes to their health, ferrets need their rabies and canine distemper each year. This can cost $150-$200 per ferret. The best thing to do is save up $5 – $10 each month in a piggy bank to ensure you have some savings in case of an emergency. It’s also best to only use it for a medical treatment you can’t afford or food, not toys.

Once you have your ferrets it can depend drastically from owner to owner how much money you have to spend each year. Some choose only the best foods and products on the market, while others feed their ferrets commercial pallets and give them homemade toys to save money.