Can Ferrets Eat Fish?

Can ferrets eat fish
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Ferrets can make wonderful pets as they are very affectionate and playful. They can brighten up your day within seconds and they love to be spoiled as much as possible.

Just like any pet, Ferrets are the happiest when they have a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is why it’s important to feed your ferret a nutritious and balanced diet to ensure a life that’s filled with energy and love.

One type of food that has many owners confused is fish. You can feed your adorable Ferret fish as a treat but very rarely. Once a week should be enough. Offering fish as their main source of food can be a bad idea.

In this article, we’ll talk about how will your Ferret react to fish and what exactly should you feed him.

Can Ferrets Eat Fish? How often?

Raw fish
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Nothing terrible is going to happen if you dropped a chunk of fish down and your Ferret ate it. You can even use fish as a treat once a week or so. But it’s important to understand that some foods provide the needed nutrients for your Ferret, while other types of foods don’t.

A ferret’s digestive system was programmed to digest and process the food that they’re regularly exposed to in the wilderness. Their digestive system developed over thousands of years and they started being used as house pets only recently.

Ferrets very rarely eat fish in the wilderness, which means that their bodies are not properly made for getting the proper nutrients out of it. So instead of enjoying all the health benefits fish meat has to offer, they simply gain weight and experience a negative effect on their appetite.

Since fish doesn’t offer Ferrets the needed nutritional content, it doesn’t help in receiving the essential vitamins and minerals they require to live.

Long story short, if Ferrets don’t get much nutritional content out of fish meat, there isn’t really any point in feeding them fish. You can use it as a treat from time to time, but they’re better off without it.

Raw or Cooked Fish?

Salmon raw fish for ferrets
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Ferrets are an obligate carnivore species. This means that eating meat is a necessity for them. There are also standard carnivores that primarily eat meat but can also eat plant-based foods. It’s very important to feed your Ferret the food he’d actually benefit from eating.

However, obligate carnivores absolutely need to eat meat, otherwise, they won’t be able to get the essential nutrients that they need. You can feed an obligate carnivore plant matter, but they are unable to process or digest it. This will shortly result in intestinal distress and even blockage.

If you really want to feed your Ferret fish, you can do it from time to time. It’s always best to feed raw fish to your Ferret. However, you need to get rid of all the bones and small spikes that might get stuck in your pet’s throat or stomach.

You can feed your Ferret cooked fish if it helps you get rid of all the bones more easily. But you should never put any seasoning on the fish you plan to feed your pet and don’t use your fish meal leftovers.

Is Canned Tuna Fish OK for Ferrets?

Canned Tuna

You should stay as far away as possible from canned tuna as you can. It’s because they always feature salt, pepper, and other condiments that will harm your Ferret. If you want your pet to be happy you need to feed him properly.

If you’re in a situation where canned tuna fish is the only thing you can feed your Ferret, then you can use it to feed your pet for a meal or two. But your furry friend needs all the healthy food he can get after being stuck on a bad diet,

You should also stay away from regular fish-based products, cooked bones, salt, dairy products, or chocolate. If your Ferret consumes any of these on a regular basis he can end up dying because of them.

Is Fish-Based Commercial Kibble Allowed?

Brown ferret eating commercial food
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Ferret food that’s been made with fish should be OK. But you may not encounter this type of commercial food as there’s no real point in making them.

Fish doesn’t provide Ferrets with all the nutrients that they need. This means that it’s a better idea to save the money you’d normally spend on fish and use it to buy your pet a type of food he actually likes.

There are a lot more efficient and appropriate sources of food that don’t result in inconvenient intestinal waste. You can also get them used to high-quality cat biscuits. But only as treats and make sure they’re not overeating.

With time, Ferrets become used to their regular eating regimen. This means that as they get older, they tend to be very picky eaters every time you try a new type of food.

If they have a healthy and balanced diet from where they get all the nutrients they need, you can add some fish food to add some variety to their food. But you need to expect them to start smelling very funky and their waste will stink terribly.

The Ferret Diet – What Should It Include?

Ferret female eating meat
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Despite the fact that Ferrets are often compared to cats, you should never feed one like you’d feed your little feline. You need to be very careful about what your pet eats and carefully read the labels and ingredients on anything you want to feed them.

It’s important to offer your Ferret a diet high on protein and fat, and try to avoid too much fiber as your pet will end up struggling to digest it. You should also stay away from processed or cooked meat. Raw foods are the best thing your Ferret can eat.

Your lovely Ferret will love eating raw chopped fatty meats such as chicken, lamb, and rabbit. And as mentioned before, they can also grow to love high-quality cat biscuits.

Fish can offer a lot of benefits to humans. However, the nutrition it offers Ferrets is nowhere near as much as your pet needs to live. Other meats are a much better choice as they offer everything your Ferret’s body requires and it’s more affordable than fish.

The first type of food you need to have ready for your furry friend is chicken as it’s a very nutritious type of meat for Ferrets. It’s very affordable and it offers your pet a wide range of the nutrients he needs.

When looking for great protein sources, you should go to lamb, turkey, and venison. You can also offer your Ferret beef and pork from time to time. However, they’re relatively difficult to digest.