Can ferrets eat eggs? What Types?

Ferrets can get very sick from human food and their diet should always contain meat, meat, and a lot more meat. This makes what a ferret can eat and what it should avoid a very controversial topic in the community. And as long as the ferret gets all the nutrition it needs, is healthy, and happy, then it all depends on what you want to feed your pet.

Many owners are looking for more and more types of treats to keep the diet of their ferret as variate as possible. And eggs are an excellent choice for that. Ferrets are pure carnivores but they always tend to play around with the eggs they find until it cracks, then they eat them. This means that their bodies are perfectly equipped with a digestive system that can handle eggs.

Can ferrets eat eggs? What Types?

Source: Couleur

Ferrets stumble upon various types of eggs in the wild, which means that they can eat pretty much any type of egg (chicken, quail eggs, etc). They find the eggs very delicious and the best part is that they’re also very nutritious. And since ferrets have very short digestive tracks and need to absorb all the nutrients they need very fast, this is a very good thing.

But like with any extremely nutritious type of food, it needs to be eaten rationally. One single egg is more than enough for a whole week. The average egg weighs around 1.5 oz., so make sure the egg you’re feeding your ferret is not heavier than 2 oz. If you only have very small eggs then you can offer your ferret two per week.

Ferrets absolutely love eggs so make sure you’re not eating any in their presence if they already had their fair share. Eating too many eggs can come with its own complications after a while. It’s also important to keep the eggs in the fridge or somewhere safe from ferrets.

These creatures are very smart and even more mischievous. They will always find a way to beat you so make sure the food is very well stashed. Otherwise, they can steal food, hide it in their cage, and you won’t even know anything about it until it’s time to clean everything.

Eating the wrong food can have various types of consequences that go from a simple tummy pain to needing a vet immediately. The plus side is that ferrets are not capable of eating how much they want, this is why they have developed the need to stash the extra food. And this means you will quickly realize if it’s been eating when the feeding time comes.

Raw or Cooked Eggs? How About Scrambled?

In the wild, ferrets would eat the eggs raw. This means that all you have to do is place the cracked egg inside a bowl and let it have fun. But this can be an extremely messy affair. They can take half of the egg and spread it all over their cage. You might also find dried egg on their heads even a few days later.

This is why most owners prefer cooking the egg in some type of way. You can boil the egg, scramble it, or just simply fry it. Ferrets love them in any shape or form they come. But there is one specific way that it’s highly recommended to use so that the ferret can get all the nutrients it needs without a hassle.

The egg white is highly recommended to be boiled as it’s much better digested than when it’s raw. But when it comes to the yolk, it’s actually ideal to feed it raw. You can get as creative as you want and simply feed your ferret a whole egg a week.

When you’re cooking the egg, make sure you’re using as little vegetable oil as possible. Ferrets have a hard time digesting anything that is plant-based. It can be dangerous if they keep eating lots of eggs. So if you have a business, it’s ideal to remain between the ferrets to ensure they don’t fight for food.

If you leave 4 eggs for all four ferrets in the same spot, some might fight the others and eat a bit too much. But since it should only be used as a special treat, you only have to deal with this around once a week.

Besides meat and eggs, you should pay close attention to what your ferret eats. Typical human foods are usually off-limits. This includes dairy products, grains, vegetables, fruits, and a lot more. The best way to know 100% if a food is good for your own ferret is to ask the vet.