What do Angora Ferrets Look Like?

Angora Ferret

Angora Ferrets are the newest type of ferrets as they have only been around for about 25 years. They were first noted by a Swedish breeder. And when he sold his stock to a fur farm, the Angora that we know today was born. This makes them some of the rarest ferrets in the world. … Read more

What do Albino Ferrets Look Like?

Albino ferret

Albino Ferrets are the easiest to stand out anywhere you are. They have all-white fur, which is only possible because of albinism. This means that they are not capable of producing any pigments, which is a genetic trait. Pure Albino Ferrets always have red eyes. This is because of the lack of pigmentation in the … Read more

Grooming Ferrets – How, When, How Often + Tips & Tricks

Grooming Ferrets

Ferrets need grooming as much as any other pet. It might be exactly the same process but they still need a little bit of attention every week to remain healthy and happy. This includes brushing the coat, brushing the teeth, nail clipping, sometimes even a bath. As long as you get your ferret used to … Read more

What Do Cinnamon Ferrets Look Like?

Cinnamon Ferret

Cinnamon ferrets are some of the rarest kinds of ferrets. They get their name after the color of their fur which resembles the spice. Typically, their legs can be of a darker color than the rest of their bodies. They also have a pink nose with an orange outline. These ferrets can be pretty pricey … Read more

Can Ferrets Eat Vegetables?

Can Ferrets Eat Vegetables

As obligate carnivores, Ferrets can only eat meat and whole prey. This means chunks of various types of meat or little rodents and birds that they can eat whole, along with the bones, intestines, feathers, fur, etc. But when it comes to vegetables, they need to be kept away from them unless your vet says … Read more

Can Ferrets Eat Fruit?

Can Ferrets Eat Fruit

Ferrets are obligate carnivores, which means that their bodies are made to eat meat and whole-prey only. Any other type of food your ferret eats will come with consequences. Some fruits cause minimum damage while others can be fatal over time. It’s incredible how many ferret owners just don’t take the time to inform themselves … Read more

When Is Ferret Breeding Season?

Chocolate Ferret

Ferret breeding is definitely not for the faint-hearted and it takes a lot of money and preparation. Jills can get into heat anywhere between one to five times a year. This is because they go into heat when the days get longer, instead of a specific time of the year. This makes spring and summer … Read more

Ferret Breeding – How To Do It At Home

Ferret babies 4 weeks old

Ferrets don’t occur naturally anywhere in the world. All ferrets come from breeders, be it your pet ferret or hunting companion ferret. And those breeders definitely don’t have an easy job with these creatures. It’s an expensive and exhausting process for everyone involved. Jills can come into heat once or twice a year and with … Read more

Top 3 – Best Litter Box For Ferrets

Litter Box Ferrets

Ferrets are highly intelligent creatures and can be trained to do various things. This includes learning to use a litter box from an early age. But despite being compared to cats all the time, they don’t know to use a litter box instinctively. You’ll have to spend a few weeks training them before letting them … Read more

Ferreting & Rabitting Explained – Hunting With Ferrets


Ferreting has been around for a very long time as ferrets have been domesticated for over 2500 years. Ferrets are excellent hunters and are the best animals to use when hunting for rabbits and moles. They have been widely used throughout history to protect crops from pests. Today, ferrets are mainly used as pets and … Read more